Cryptocurrency: the basics

This piece is intended as a short and easily digestible introductory piece about cryptocurrency. If you bring up cryptocurrency today you’re likely to find yourself locked in a heated argument about whether it’s the dawning of a new decentralised age of humanity, or just a form of gambling through which a few lucky idiots are … Read more

CryptoKitties – The Digital Kittens That Have Taken Over The Ethereum Blockchain

It has been an incredible year for cryptocurrencies, with sky-rocketing prices and a huge level of debate over what the future holds for them. Yet, perhaps the most intriguing and unexpected twist has just arrived, as the breeding of digital cats had exploded in popularity on the ethereum platform. Indeed, it has been reported that … Read more

Highly Volatile Bitcoin Races Past $11,000 Then Plummets (Before Recovering)

The incredible bitcoin adventure has continued in the last day or so, as the highly volatile cryptocurrency reached yet another record high before falling heavily. Things kicked off when bitcoin began another of its now familiar price surges. This charge led it to an all-time high of $11,434 (£8,500) shortly after it had smashed through … Read more

Ethereum Price Surge Boosts Nvidia

As the value of the ether digital currency continues to grow, it has been suggested that the rising price could have a knock-on effect by increasing the value of the technology firm Nvidia by $150 million. RBC Capital analyst Mitch Steves has said that the price increases seen on the ethereum platform’s currency have encouraged … Read more