Tokenholders Approve $7.5 Billion AI Merger to Create Artificial Superintelligence Alliance

Tokenholders of SingularityNet,, and Ocean protocols have given the green light to a monumental $7.5 billion merger that will pave the way for the creation of a groundbreaking Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI) project. This merger, announced on April 16, will see the Fetch.AI (FET) token transition into the ASI token, with a total supply of 2.6 billion tokens. Additionally, SingularityNet (AGIX) and Ocean (OCEAN) tokens will be converted into ASI at approximate ratios of 0.43:1, resulting in ASI tokens with a combined value of $7.5 billion post-merger. The official launch of ASI is scheduled for May 24.

Humayun Sheikh, the chairman of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance and CEO of, expressed the mission of the project, stating, “Our mission is to create a decentralized AI infrastructure at scale, ensuring ethical and trustworthy practices. By combining our platforms, we empower developers and users alike, fostering a more democratic and transparent AI ecosystem.”

The ASI project is currently focusing on three key product pipelines: deploying AI agents in commercial settings, developing neural symbolic language learning models (LLMs), and facilitating AI data sharing and utilization. Sheikh highlighted the revenue-generating potential in the near term as the agentic network for deployment is launched, with a strong emphasis on deploying various commercial products to enhance AI applications.

Looking ahead, ASI plans to invest further in its GPU infrastructure to support its commercial, computing, and data initiatives. recently initiated a $100 million investment to deploy Nvidia H200, H100, and A100 GPUs, creating a platform for developers and users to access computing power., based in Cambridge, utilizes LLMs and AI agents in its computing marketplace to connect users with AI-powered services. SingularityNET, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, explores the application of AI in various sectors such as finance, robotics, biomedical AI, media, arts, and entertainment. Meanwhile, Ocean, based in Singapore, facilitates the trading of tokenized data assets for businesses and individuals through its platform.

The convergence of blockchain and AI has been increasingly recognized, particularly with the rise of LLMs like ChatGPT. In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, Booksie founder and CEO Sol Nasisi discussed the potential for AI and blockchain to revolutionize self-publishing book platforms in the near future.

The merger of SingularityNet,, and Ocean Protocol is expected to drive decentralized AI development, as noted by ChainGPT CEO. This collaboration signifies a significant step forward in the integration of AI and blockchain technologies, with the potential to reshape various industries and pave the way for innovative solutions in the AI space.