Cryptocurrency: the basics

This piece is intended as a short and easily digestible introductory piece about cryptocurrency. If you bring up cryptocurrency today you’re likely to find yourself locked in a heated argument about whether it’s the dawning of a new decentralised age of humanity, or just a form of gambling through which a few lucky idiots are … Read more

Russia Expected to Issue the CryptoRuble

Many analysts believe that Russia could be the planet’s next big cryptocurrency market. The Russian government is currently encouraging bitcoin mining and appears to be on the way towards introducing regulations for its own cryptocurrency market. Reports suggest that the Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the green light to plans for the CryptoRuble to … Read more

IMF’s Lagarde On Bitcoin – “We Are About To See Massive Disruptions”

Leading financial figurehead and CEO of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has come out in favour for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. In an interview videoed and published on CNBC, Lagarde has stated that she thinks “that we’re about to see massive disruptions” in the financial market. Disagreeing with figureheads such as … Read more

Russia’s Central Bank States Cryptocurrency is ‘Risky’

After recent announcements from China’s regulatory body, Russia’s central bank has issued a statement on the risks of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). According to a notice that was published yesterday, The Bank of Russia has responded to the rising discussion of both ICOs and cryptocurrencies themselves. The notice states that exchanging cryptocurrencies involved … Read more