Social App Friendzone Launches on Polygon Network, Plans Expansion to Polygon zkEVM

Correction: The article previously stated that the social marketplace Friendzone was scheduled to start operating today. However, the correct date of introduction is February 26, according to a correction issued on February 7 at 15:13 UTC. Friendzone will initially operate on the Polygon PoS blockchain and plans to expand to Polygon zkEVM, another blockchain developed by Polygon, in the future.

In a message to the public, CEO and co-founder Kevin Lu described Friendzone as a new social platform with two main components. The surface part is user-friendly and allows individuals to manage their social connections and activities. The deeper part, known as LayerSocial, enables developers to create new applications that utilize the platform’s social connections and data.

Friendzone has experienced a significant increase in registered users, with a surge of over 600% from December to January. In January alone, there were 10,000 completed user quests or activities. The pre-launch progressive web app is currently accessible only to Friendzone’s network of partners, investors, and in-person event attendees for early sign-ups. The platform claims to have received over 3,000 registrations so far.

The introduction of the Friendzone app follows the successful launch of Friend.Tech in August. Friend.Tech garnered significant attention and user volumes by offering influencers the ability to monetize their networks through a chatroom-like service. However, the hype surrounding the platform gradually diminished, resulting in a decline of over 90% in the user base from its peak. Similarly, Stars Arena, another platform introduced with great anticipation, eventually lost momentum.

It is important to note that Friendzone is currently not based on any blockchain technology. According to Lu, the pre-launch app is off-chain and designed to facilitate early registrations and social engagement.

Friendzone was developed by early team members from Band Protocol, Synthetix, and Koinly. Lu emphasized that Friendzone is a place where people can connect and utilize various apps. The platform aims to collaborate with other apps throughout the year to foster the growth of its own app ecosystem.

For more information, please refer to the article published on CoinDesk’s website: [link to the article].