Pitch Day at The Bitcoin Conference Returns: Discovering the Next Class of Bitcoin Startups at Bitcoin 2024

Pitch Day at The Bitcoin Conference is making a triumphant return, as Bitcoin Magazine and The Bitcoin Conference are on the lookout for the next generation of Bitcoin startups to compete in the ultimate Bitcoin pitch competition. Set to take place in Nashville from July 25-27 at Bitcoin 2024, the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, founders will have the opportunity to showcase their vision on Bitcoin’s grandest stage to panels of judges across six categories.

The categories for the pitch competition include Layer 2 + Scaling Technology, Mining + Energy, Investing (Alpha), Open Source, Ordinals, and Locals Only (Nashville-based startups). Since its inception in 2021, Pitch Day at the Bitcoin Conference has shone a spotlight on elite Bitcoin startups within the ecosystem, with past winners including Debifi, Geyser Fund, Nunchuck, Alby, The Bitcoin Company, Elixir Games, and 24 Exchange.

The Layer 2 + Scaling Technology track is focused on identifying top founders and companies working on applications related to Lightning, alternative Layer 2 proposals, cross-chain settlement, and the utilization of newly identified tech such as BitVM. As Bitcoin adoption continues to rise, the demand for block space grows, and innovative projects are needed to increase the capacity of Bitcoin to scale and handle greater transaction volume.

The Mining + Energy track will bring together innovators creating novel business applications for Bitcoin mining, hardware, software, and firmware for operations, as well as the digital infrastructure for enabling the growth of Bitcoin mining worldwide. Bitcoin mining holds a unique position in the energy landscape due to its flexibility, geographic distribution, and capacity as a tool for unique energy services.

The Investing track, also known as The Bitcoin Alpha Competition, sponsored by Samara Alpha Management, aims to identify the next top Bitcoin fund manager by offering $1 million USD in seed capital to deploy their strategy. With the changing landscape of the Bitcoin market, innovative strategies that deliver outperformance with BTC as the benchmark are sought after.

Open source technology is at the core of Bitcoin, providing valuable services to users transacting on the network. The Open Source track will recognize the top open source projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem, highlighting their contributions to the community.

Ordinals, a recent phenomenon in the digital collectibles market, have disrupted the crypto ecosystem and altered market dynamics. The Ordinals track is seeking projects utilizing inscriptions, whether in the form of digital collectibles or the infrastructure supporting the growth of ordinals as a whole.

Lastly, the Locals Only track aims to showcase the homegrown Bitcoin talent in Nashville, putting the spotlight on top Nashville-based Bitcoin startups across various sectors of the Bitcoin economy.

Startups and open source projects interested in competing in Bitcoin Pitch at Bitcoin 2024 can apply through the provided link. Additionally, those interested in sponsoring the event can inquire about title sponsorship, individual track sponsorship, or becoming a judge for the competition.

With the stage set for an exciting competition at Bitcoin 2024, the search is on for the next class of innovative Bitcoin startups that will shape the future of the cryptocurrency industry.