Over 25 Leading Bitcoin Companies Rally for Official Bitcoin Emoji

Today, a groundbreaking movement has been launched by over 25 leading Bitcoin organizations, coming together to advocate for the creation of an official Bitcoin emoji. Spearheaded by Nexo, this global initiative aims to highlight the significance of Bitcoin as a revolutionary technology, a form of money, and a cultural phenomenon.

Kosta Kantchev, Co-founder & Executive Chairman of Nexo, emphasized the importance of recognizing Bitcoin’s journey, stating, “Bitcoin’s journey reflects a remarkable blend of innovation and community. It’s time its significance is recognized universally, starting with a symbol we all understand – an emoji. Join us in making history.”

The coalition includes prominent entities such as Bitcoin Magazine parent company BTC Inc, Bitget, Brink, Chainalysis, Hacken, Nansen, and Unstoppable Domains. Together, they seek to celebrate and advocate for Bitcoin’s integration into the digital lexicon through the universal language of emojis.

BTC Inc CEO David Bailey highlighted the universal nature of Bitcoin, stating, “Bitcoin is universal money for the world, it needs a universal emoji for every person, young and old to use.”

The campaign kicks off with a 50-day petition hosted on Change.org, with plans to submit an official proposal to the Unicode Consortium within the 2024 submission window. This concerted effort represents a renewed push for recognition, underscoring the growing importance of Bitcoin in our daily lives.

Emojis have become integral to digital communication, transcending linguistic and geographical barriers. According to Unicode, 92% of internet users worldwide use emojis in their digital communications. The campaign for a Bitcoin emoji goes beyond symbolism, aiming to solidify Bitcoin’s status as a vital component of modern digital and financial ecosystems.

Mike Schmidt, Executive Director of Brink, emphasized the significance of an official Bitcoin emoji, stating, “Supporting Bitcoin’s development has always been about paving the way for future innovation. An official emoji is more than a symbol; it’s a nod to Bitcoin’s technological impact on the world.”

The initiative invites individuals to join this community-driven effort and become part of the campaign. For more information and to get involved, visit the initiative’s website.