Is President Biden Suddenly a Bitcoin Supporter? Not Quite, but His Social Media Team is Playing with the Meme

is using the imagery of hardcore Bitcoiners, specifically the laser eyes, on social media. It seems that this is a reference to the “Dark Brandon” meme that Democratic campaigners are trying to promote. The meme originated during a NASCAR race in October when crowd chants of “F**k Joe Biden” were misinterpreted as “Let’s go Brandon” during a live interview with winning driver Brandon Brown. The meme has since been used to depict Biden as a superhero.

The connection between the meme and Bitcoin is unclear, but it appears to be a response to a right-wing conspiracy theory that the Biden administration would rig the Super Bowl to secure support from Taylor Swift, who campaigned for Biden and is dating Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. The theory suggests that Swift and Kelce’s relationship is a sham to manipulate fans into voting for Biden. The Chiefs’ victory in the Super Bowl further fueled this conspiracy.

Biden’s social media team’s use of the laser eyes imagery may have confused Bitcoin enthusiasts who were familiar with the trend from a couple of years ago. However, it seems that only Democratic insiders were able to pick up on the meme’s reference. Many crypto financial influencers expressed confusion and questioned what was happening.

It remains unclear why Biden’s social media team decided to appropriate the imagery of hardcore Bitcoiners. The use of the laser eyes may be an attempt to appeal to a younger, tech-savvy audience or to align with the meme culture prevalent on social media. Regardless of the intention, it seems that the meme and its connection to Bitcoin have left many people puzzled.