HIVE Digital Technologies Launches ‘FUD Fighters’ Initiative to Combat Misinformation About Bitcoin

NASHVILLE, February 15 – HIVE Digital Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: HIVE) has announced a new initiative in collaboration with u cFUD Fighters u d aimed at educating the public on the misconceptions and false narratives surrounding Bitcoin. The u cFUD Fighters u d series will consist of four in-depth research articles written by industry experts to counter biased and misinformed narratives that seek to mislead the public about Bitcoin.

Through this initiative, HIVE and u cFUD Fighters u d aim to highlight the tangible benefits of Bitcoin technology and refute the false reporting from traditional media outlets, pundits, and biased researchers. The goal is to provide the Bitcoin community with refutations of commonly circulated u cFUD u d (fear, uncertainty, doubt) in order to strengthen the community’s ability to counter falsehoods hindering Bitcoin’s integration into financial markets, power infrastructure, and social norms.

As a pioneer in Bitcoin media and education, HIVE has been working to provide high-quality journalism on the inner workings of the Bitcoin ecosystem for over a decade. The technology has faced unwarranted criticism from legacy interests for its perceived inefficiency, danger, or wastefulness. HIVE, along with u cFUD Fighters u d, believes these assertions are without merit and reflect biases and cognitive distortions prevalent among those threatened by Bitcoin’s disruptive potential.

Frank Holmes, Executive Chairman of HIVE, emphasized the importance of Bitcoin education in light of the lack of objective reporting on the topic. “At HIVE, we are passionate about supporting and securing the Bitcoin network for the benefit of our shareholders and our belief in Bitcoin’s unique ability to be a source of portable, scarce, and digital wealth,” Holmes stated.

The u cFUD Fighters u d campaign aims to address the misinformation and misconceptions surrounding Bitcoin by providing expert analysis and refutations of false narratives. Mark Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief of u cFUD Fighters u d, highlighted the need for objective journalism in the Bitcoin sector to help investors make informed decisions independently.

The first installment of the u cFUD Fighters u d series will feature a response from Margot Paez, a PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering and Research Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute. Paez’s piece will provide a sharp refutation of a recent report by the United Nations University on Bitcoin mining and energy consumption, addressing errors, misrepresentations, and faulty methodologies in the report.

Overall, the u cFUD Fighters u d initiative aims to clarify the discourse surrounding Bitcoin and counter false narratives with data-driven analysis and expert insights. By providing accurate information and refuting misconceptions, HIVE and u cFUD Fighters u d hope to foster a more informed public dialogue on the benefits of Bitcoin technology.