Harry Styles Concert App Takes Fans in More Than One Direction with Blockchain Rewards

In a recent concert by British pop star Harry Styles at Slade Castle in Ireland, fans were introduced to the world of non-fungible token (NFT) rewards. These rewards, which have gained popularity in recent times, are seen as a transformative element that blurs the line between physical and digital experiences, while also redefining the relationship between artists and their fans.

During the event, fans were encouraged to use EVNTZ, the official event app for the concert. Through this app, they had the opportunity to open a self-custodial digital wallet that could house future blockchain-based rewards. The app was powered by Co:Create, a Web3 infrastructure company, which connected with Polygon, a well-known Ethereum sidechain, to provide a seamless experience for the fans.

Kim O’Callaghan, the founder of EVNTZ, revealed that out of the 80,000 fans in attendance, 5,000 claimed their wallets through the app. The app generated over 100,000 unique interactions, highlighting the enthusiasm and engagement of the fans. The app served as a one-stop service for concert-goers, offering features such as transportation booking, social media photo sharing, and access to merchandise. O’Callaghan also hinted at plans for future in-app rewards tied to fan community engagement, noting the team’s commitment to providing better experiences for loyal fans.

O’Callaghan emphasized that the app aimed to introduce fans to blockchain technology without requiring prior knowledge or experience. By leveraging their APIs, brands can deliver these experiences to fans without needing to understand the complexities of Web3 or smart contract deployment. For the fans, the Web3 elements, such as setting up a wallet, seed phrases, and paying gas fees, are all seamlessly integrated into the app, ensuring an optimized user experience.

The events industry has often been criticized for creating a disconnect between fans and artists, failing to adequately reward fans for their dedication. O’Callaghan believes that blockchain-based rewards and experiences can bridge this gap and create new pathways for artists and fans. By utilizing Web3, community loyalty can be empowered, enabling the development of entertaining and gamified experiences that offer fans self-owned rewards. This gives fans the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for their dedication and engagement with their favorite artists, turning every interaction during a show into part of an integrated, gamified, and cohesive experience.

Tara Fung, the CEO of Co:Create, further elaborated on the benefits of offering these experiences on the blockchain. By utilizing blockchain tools, fans can have transparency and influence over the direction of their favorite brands, all while being rewarded for their participation. Fung highlighted the ability to see who else is partaking in similar experiences, whether before, during, or after the event, both online and in real life. Co:Create’s focus on community-driven brands and their ability to bring visions to life has created opportunities for incredible experiences within various communities.

As critics continue to debate the utility of NFTs within the Web3 space, blockchain-based ticketing, loyalty programs, and memberships have been gaining traction. In March, Polygon collaborated with customer relation management (CRM) powerhouse Salesforce to enable clients to create Web3 loyalty programs. Additionally, in June, chef and television personality Guy Fieri and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Sammy Hagar leveraged NFTs to create a loyalty program for their liquor brand, Santo Spirits. This program rewarded customers with physical items and experiences, highlighting the growing adoption of blockchain technology to enhance fan engagement and loyalty within different industries.

In conclusion, the concert of Harry Styles at Slade Castle in Ireland served as a platform to introduce fans to the world of blockchain-based rewards through the EVNTZ app. This innovative approach transformed the relationship between the artist and his fans, offering a seamless experience and rewarding dedicated fans for their engagement. With the rise of Web3 and blockchain technology, the events industry has the potential to redefine fan experiences, paving the way for more engaging and rewarding interactions between artists and their loyal supporters.