Ethereum eSports and Betting Platform Launched

The new World of Battles is a platform that brings together two of the internet’s fastest growing trends – eSports and Ethereum – in one place. With an ICO that has just kicked off, we will soon know whether or not this venture is likely to be a success.

The online eSports industry has been booming recently. In fact, research suggests that it will have grown to $696 million (£525 million) by the end of 2017, which is a massive rise of over 40% from the year before. Some reports even suggest that the overall value of this market could be as high as $2 billion by the end of 2018.

In the same vein, the Ethereum cryptocurrency has been hitting record highs all year, with the gains expected to carry on in a similar fashion according to many market analysts. This is already the second highest value cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

At the time of writing it is worth over $320 and it is believed by many investors that passing the resistance zone of $350 could be the trigger for a new period of price rises.

Therefore, it appears to make good sense for these two technologies to come together. The result is World of Battles, likely to be more widely known as WOB by users. Players will be able to place bets and take part in individual or team tournaments on here.

Smoother Streaming and Less Fraud

This eSports platform will use the latest Blockchain technology and is expected to give a smoother user experience as well as eliminate some of the fraud that has hampered eSports playing and betting on the internet until now. It also promises to fix some of the bugs and errors that often plague eSports sites.

World of Battles is going to use smart contracts and will be completely independent of banks, credit card companies and other third party financial institutions. It is also publicly verifiable, which is expected to lead to better security and a lower risk of fraud of hacking.

The match outcome verification system used will allow any of the platform’s users to contest the results of a match if they don’t agree with it. This will see the site randomly choose witnesses and jurors from its membership to come to a decision.

New players need to provide ID and contact information when signing up, with a two-step identification process to be used. The site is also said to meet all of the requirements of the big eSports federations, WESA and IeSF.

Reports suggest that over 450,000 players have already registered for WOB and the plan is for it to dominate half of the full eSports market share by September of 2019.

The use of the Ethereum Blockchain means that smooth and interruption-free streaming is promised. The site has partners such as Civic and Twitch. In addition, the developers who are behind the platform have already worked on projects like FreeBSD, OpenVZ and GNOME in the past.

Work started on the platform in 2016 and the alpha testing was completed earlier in 2017. The ICO for WOB has opened today and will carry on until the middle of November. 1 ETH is the price of 1,900 tokens in the first day, which will gradually drop to 1,000 by the fourth week

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