CryptoKitties – The Digital Kittens That Have Taken Over The Ethereum Blockchain

It has been an incredible year for cryptocurrencies, with sky-rocketing prices and a huge level of debate over what the future holds for them. Yet, perhaps the most intriguing and unexpected twist has just arrived, as the breeding of digital cats had exploded in popularity on the ethereum platform. Indeed, it has been reported that … Read more

Ethereum Price Surge Boosts Nvidia

As the value of the ether digital currency continues to grow, it has been suggested that the rising price could have a knock-on effect by increasing the value of the technology firm Nvidia by $150 million. RBC Capital analyst Mitch Steves has said that the price increases seen on the ethereum platform’s currency have encouraged … Read more

South Korea Leads the Way: Could Ether Be Set to Move onto More New Highs?

The ether cryptocurrency that runs on the ethereum network has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately, as the problem with Parity multi-signature wallets has captured headlines. However, a number of analysts now believe that the currency could be ready to break more records, after reaching another new record high price. One of … Read more

The Future of Ethereum in Focus

The recent Devcon 3 conference in Cancun, Mexico gave the public a chance to hear about the future of ethereum straight from the creator’s mouth. Russian – Canadian developer Vitalik Buterin took to the stage in this flagship conference to tell the world about the upcoming plans for the platform and its ether digital currency. … Read more