Celebrity Crypto Influencer Sahil Arora Faces Ban on Social Media Platform X Amid Scam Allegations

Celebrity Meme Coin Influencer Sahil Arora Faces Ban on X amid Growing Scam Allegations

Sahil Arora, a well-known crypto influencer who gained popularity for promoting meme coins, is currently facing serious allegations of fraud and illicit behavior in connection with fake crypto projects involved in rug pulls and exit scams. These allegations have resulted in the suspension of his “@Habibi_Comm” account on X, a social media platform owned by Elon Musk. The company cited policy violations as the reason for the ban.

Reports indicate that the ban on Arora follows recent accusations that he fabricated screenshots of non-existent conversations with celebrities to promote fraudulent tokens. These tokens were reportedly part of rug pulls, exit scams, and pump-and-dump schemes.

Arora allegedly used these fake partnerships with celebrities to deceive investors into believing that the celebrities were endorsing these meme coins, when in reality, he was the true owner. His tactics included linking projects with celebrities for a fee without verifying the legitimacy of the projects. Arora launched several meme coins themed after high-profile figures such as Australian musician Iggy Azalea, Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, American rapper Rich the Kid, and hip-hop artist Offset.

Initially, it seemed that these celebrities were involved, allowing their names and brands to be used for hype. However, in light of the allegations, they have distanced themselves from Arora. Azalea has even created her own project to further separate herself from Arora, while Jenner and Rich the Kid have claimed that Arora misused their names to promote potentially fraudulent meme coins.

In the case of American rapper Offset, Arora signed a deal with him to promote a meme coin project. However, a dispute arose when Offset reported not receiving the $20,000 payment that the project claimed to have sent to an address provided by Arora. This led to a fallout between the two, with both blocking the project on their profiles.

Despite the ban on his main account, Arora has continued to promote meme coins on his backup accounts and has directed his followers on Telegram to follow his other accounts on X. Before the ban, he had promoted links with celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Lindsay Lohan on his “@Habibi_Comm” account.

The ongoing activity by Arora raises questions about the effectiveness of social media bans and the challenges of regulating crypto promotions. It also highlights the importance of due diligence and caution when investing in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.