Bitfinex Securities Ltd Raises 5.2M USDT in Tokenized Bond Issuance; WalletConnect Announces Ambitious Roadmap for WalletConnect Network

Bitfinex Securities Ltd, a company that provides listing and trading services for security tokens, has announced a successful raise of 5.2 million USDT through a tokenized bond issuance. The team behind the offering revealed that the collaboration with microfinancing firm Mikro Kapital, which manages a securitization fund called Alternative, led to the creation of this tokenized security offering.

The tokenized bond, known as ALT2612, is denominated in USDT and has a tenor of 36 months. It features a 10% coupon, providing an attractive proposition for investors. Bitfinex Securities Ltd’s ability to raise such a substantial amount through the bond issuance demonstrates the growing interest in security tokens and the confidence in this particular project.

In a related development, WalletConnect has unveiled an ambitious roadmap aimed at building an open, permissionless, and decentralized network. The objective is twofold, as the team plans to both enhance the performance of the WalletConnect Protocol and achieve functionality that aligns with the principles of Web3.

The milestones outlined in the roadmap will be thoroughly tested, audited, and executed over the next year. The culmination of these efforts is the proposed launch of an open and permissionless WalletConnect Network in 2025. This project aims to provide an improved user experience and foster greater integration with the broader Web3 ecosystem.

The announcements from Bitfinex Securities Ltd and WalletConnect highlight the continued innovation and progress in the crypto industry. The tokenized bond issuance demonstrates the increasing adoption of security tokens as a viable investment option. Moreover, the collaboration between Bitfinex Securities Ltd and Mikro Kapital underscores the importance of partnerships in driving the development of new financial instruments in the cryptocurrency space.

On the other hand, WalletConnect’s roadmap represents a forward-thinking approach to address the limitations of the current WalletConnect Protocol. By striving for an open, permissionless, and decentralized network, WalletConnect aims to create an infrastructure that aligns more closely with the principles of decentralization and user ownership, which are hallmarks of Web3. The proposed launch of the WalletConnect Network in 2025 is poised to contribute to the continued growth and evolution of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Overall, these recent developments in the crypto industry demonstrate the ongoing commitment to innovation and the push towards greater inclusivity and decentralization. Both Bitfinex Securities Ltd and WalletConnect are actively contributing to the expansion of the crypto landscape, with their respective initiatives poised to have a positive impact on the industry in the coming years.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or investment advice.