Bitcoin NFT Hysteria Hits Sotheby’s: Super Mario Mushroom Character Fetches Over $200K

Sotheby’s, the renowned auction house, made history with its first-ever sale of “inscriptions” created using the Bitcoin blockchain’s Ordinals protocol. The collection, known as “BitcoinShrooms,” garnered significant attention and drew about $450,000, surpassing the highest estimates by five times. This unexpected outcome suggests a growing mainstream interest in the tradable digital images referred to as “NFTs on Bitcoin.”

The auction, which concluded on Wednesday, featured three captivating images from the BitcoinShrooms collection. One of the highlights was a pixelated avocado that fetched over $100,000, exceeding initial expectations. Another sought-after design resembling a mushroom found in the popular Super Mario franchise was sold for a staggering $240,000. Derek Parsons, a spokesman for Sotheby’s, provided insights into these impressive results, noting that there were 148 total bids, with a significant portion coming from new bidders at Sotheby’s.

In the wake of this successful auction, Sotheby’s has hinted at “plans for more soon,” indicating the potential for further sales of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. These results bring to mind the digital asset market’s previous frenzy a couple of years ago when NFTs and digital artwork first captured mainstream attention with eye-popping sums. Notably, an NFT created by the artist Beeple fetched a staggering $69 million at the renowned auction house Christie’s. However, many of these collections were primarily built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ordinals inscriptions, which emerged late last year, utilize Casey Rodarmor’s groundbreaking technology atop the Bitcoin blockchain. This year, they witnessed significant popularity, leading to congestion and elevated fees on the distributed network. Bitcoin, launched as a peer-to-peer payments network in 2009, has prompted a debate among its users and developers regarding the inclusion of NFT-like “inscriptions” minted using the Ordinals project. Some argue that these digital images do not align with the core financial use cases envisioned by many Bitcoin advocates.

However, the notion that some of these images might be considered high art could potentially tip the scales of the ongoing debate in favor of profit interests. The three digital images offered at Sotheby’s auction hail from the BitcoinShrooms collection of Ordinals inscriptions, created by the pseudonymous artist Shroomtoshi, as stated on the auction house’s website. Despite initial estimates ranging from $20,000 to $30,000 for the digital avocado known as “BIP39 SEED,” it ultimately sold for an impressive $101,600.

This milestone auction at Sotheby’s not only showcases the growing appetite for NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain but also highlights the increasing recognition and acceptance of blockchain-powered artwork in the mainstream art world. With plans for further sales on the horizon, the impact of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain remains a topic of great interest and debate within the crypto community. As the boundaries of traditional art market perceptions continue to blur, the significance of this auction may pave the way for more groundbreaking developments in the future.