Bitcoin Hits Yearly High of $25 Billion in Transaction Volume in 2024

Bitcoin has once again proven its dominance in the cryptocurrency market in 2024, as it reached a new yearly high in transaction volume, hitting $25 billion, according to data from This milestone showcases the continued relevance and importance of the leading cryptocurrency, with traders moving more than 367,000 BTC during the last week of May.

The on-chain transaction value, which represents the estimated value of all transactions on a specific blockchain, provides valuable insights into the overall trends and activity of a cryptocurrency. In the case of Bitcoin, the latest data indicates a new record for 2024, highlighting the significant role the digital asset plays in the finance sector.

Bitcoin’s transaction volume hitting $25 billion in a single week is a remarkable achievement, demonstrating the growing adoption and use of the cryptocurrency. This figure also marks the largest number of bitcoins moved since June 13th, 2022, when the market saw a notable $26,500 BTC move.

Despite the high transaction volume, the number of transactions did not see a significant increase, indicating that the market did not experience a sudden surge in trading activity. However, this development underscores the ongoing expectations and optimism surrounding Bitcoin’s future growth potential.

Renowned trader Peter Brandt has even predicted a price target of $150,000 for Bitcoin, aligning with other forecasts that anticipate the cryptocurrency to surpass its current all-time high of $73,000. This bullish sentiment reflects the confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term prospects and its ability to continue evolving and shaping the financial landscape.

Overall, Bitcoin’s latest achievement of reaching a yearly high in transaction volume underscores its enduring relevance and significance in the cryptocurrency market. As the digital asset continues to break records and attract attention from investors and traders worldwide, it is clear that Bitcoin remains a key player in the ever-changing world of finance.