Bitcoin Developers Suspend Controversial Segwit2x Upgrade: Price Goes Crazy

The prospect of a controversial upgrade that would see the cryptocurrency split in two has recently caused major disagreements in the bitcoin community. The SegWit2x fork was planned for the middle of November but an increasing number of developers had expressed their concern about it in the last few months. This disagreement has finally led … Read more

The Future of Ethereum in Focus

The recent Devcon 3 conference in Cancun, Mexico gave the public a chance to hear about the future of ethereum straight from the creator’s mouth. Russian – Canadian developer Vitalik Buterin took to the stage in this flagship conference to tell the world about the upcoming plans for the platform and its ether digital currency. … Read more

Are Bitcoin Regulations Imminent in Australia?

It is expected that bitcoin transactions will soon be regulated in Australia, as the country’s parliament looks to vote on a new bill that would cover the cryptocurrency in their anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism legislation. AUSTRAC is the name of the financial regulator in Australia that is going to be given the authority to oversee … Read more

Will Bitcoin Continue To Rise? Analysts Disagree on Future Bitcoin Price

With bitcoin prices apparently on the rise again speculation continues around just how high the value of this cryptocurrency could eventually reach. Estimates vary widely but it is clear that the majority of people believe that the cryptocurrency will continue to be a powerful investment in the mid to long term. For instance, the results … Read more