Bitcoin Surpasses All Time High – Trades At Over $5,200

After the previous drop back in August/September this year, Bitcoin has finally risen to the highest ever value it’s ever been. After recent naysayers of cryptocurrency have lashed out at Bitcoin, it has moved from strength to strength to reach an all-time high of over $5,200.

This rise comes off of the back of the latest Bitcoin hardfork, Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Hardforks are an often debated topic, but essentially enable developers to make changes to the way the Bitcoin blockchain works. With this planned hardfork to be released sometime at the end of October, owners of Bitcoin will be rewarded with the same amount of BTG that they own in BTC.

This essential functionality is the reason everyone is rushing to buy bitcoin and make the most out of the Bitcoin Gold fork.

Alongside this, Korea has been hoovering up Bitcoin at a drastic rate, causing prices to soar. Combined with the hardfork, Bitcoin has managed to surpass its previous record price, and doesn’t look to be slowing down. With experts predicting the coin will continue to raise until the Bitcoin Gold fork has been released.

It’s a great day for Bitcoin – and for all cryptocurrency alike.