Nuggets Lock in Zeke Nnaji with $32 Million Contract Extension

Denver Nuggets forward/center Zeke Nnaji has agreed to a four-year, $32 million contract extension, according to his agent Adam Pensack of Pensack Sports. The deal, which includes a player option for the fourth year, signifies a significant vote of confidence in Nnaji’s abilities.

As part of the 2020 NBA draft class, Nnaji has shown promise and is expected to play a more prominent role in the Nuggets’ lineup this season. Despite being the 20th overall pick, he has already made an impact with his solid contributions on both ends of the court.

During his rookie season, Nnaji showcased his scoring ability, averaging 5.2 points per game while shooting an impressive 56% from the field. Additionally, he displayed his rebounding prowess, averaging 2.6 rebounds per game in just 13.7 minutes of playing time. These numbers indicate Nnaji’s potential for growth and improvement in the seasons to come.

The Nuggets, who are the defending champions, clearly recognize Nnaji’s talent and believe that he can play a crucial role in their title defense campaign. By securing a long-term contract extension, the organization is expressing their commitment to developing Nnaji’s skills and providing him with the opportunity to thrive in their system.

Nnaji’s versatility as both a forward and a center makes him a valuable asset for the Nuggets. His ability to contribute in multiple positions provides the team with flexibility in their rotations and game strategies. Moreover, his athleticism and high basketball IQ make him a reliable option on both ends of the court.

With this contract extension, Nnaji has the chance to further establish himself as a key contributor for the Nuggets. The financial commitment from the organization not only reflects their confidence in his abilities but also serves as a motivating factor for him to continue working hard and improving his game.

Overall, the extension of Zeke Nnaji’s contract is a significant move for the Denver Nuggets. It highlights their belief in his potential and solidifies his place within the team’s long-term plans. As Nnaji continues to grow and develop, his impact on the court is expected to increase, making him a vital piece in the Nuggets’ pursuit of success in the NBA.